Turnkey Upgrades

American Hydro prides itself on providing turnkey upgrades and refurbishments of hydroelectric plants across the world. Our company was founded upon the concept of restoring aging turbines into exceptional energy producers that surpassed their original performance levels. Hydro plant upgrades are unique opportunities to develop additional generation at a far lower cost than other sources of electric power. Our engineers are trained and experienced to fully optimize your generating capacity by designing, manufacturing and installing new custom designed runners and other components and overhauling the remaining major components of your turbine. From new bearing materials to improved wicket gate linkage to modernizing electrical control systems, our upgrade and rehabilitation programs will extend the life of your turbine and create more capacity and efficiency within the layout of your hydro plant. We take a knowledgeable approach to every turbine upgrade with the goal of giving your plant a second life.

Below are the types of turbines that we specialize in upgrading and refurbishing. Each of our designs is custom to meet specific project requirements.

  • Francis
  • Kaplan
  • Propeller
  • Conversion of Propeller to Kaplan
  • Pump Turbine
  • Large pumps

American Hydro Pump Turbines and Large Pumps

American Hydro pump turbines and large pump impellers, designed and manufactured in our facilities to precise standards, provides smooth, high-efficiency operation for our customers. Our pump turbine upgrade designs result in increased pump and turbine capacity and efficiency, a broader range of turbine operation, elimination of cavitation damage, reduced pump back time and improved unit vibration characteristics. Our pump impeller designs provide increased discharge capacity and reduced cavitation potential and eliminate critical operating problems that burden many condenser cooling water pumping systems. This notably increases capacity levels, with cycle efficiencies increasing up to 10%. Our leading-edge technology allows us to create true pumpturbine designs that optimize hydraulic performance while simultaneously strengthening the entire machine.

Why Upgrade and Rehabilitate?

  • Life Extension
    The life cycle of a hydro turbine typically lasts for 50 years, but industry experience has shown that with a proper upgrade and rehabilitation program, a turbine can last for an additional 50 years.
  • Increased Energy
    American Hydro technologies provide higher capacity,a wider range of stable operating levels and peak efficiency increases of 3-5%, depending on the current condition of your equipment.
  • Elimination of Cavitation
    American Hydro has the necessary design and analysis tools to solve and eliminate cavitation damage and modernize your unit.
  • Environmentally Friendly Technology
    We build aerating turbines that enhance downstream dissolved oxygen levels and fish friendly Kaplan runners with minimum gaps, which improves downstream fish passage.